Architect: Team V Architectuur

Project Het Gelders huis
Location Arnhem, the Netherlands
System Absolute Roller 2.0
Fabric Screen Naturals 3% - SFN-20003
Partner Indivipro Netherlands BV
Architect Team V Architectuur
Market segment Public

Het Gelders Huis: a monumental office building renewed

Our window covering solutions can be found in projects all over the globe. Het Gelders Huis in Arnhem, The Netherlands is the monumental office space of a Dutch province that is renewed in 2017. While the historic, existing building was renovated, the office was expanded with a new-constructed building. Together, they form an impressive, architectural building that is designed to connect to its environment, to underline the transparency of the organization and to bring employees and visitors together.

Screen Naturals: connect with the outside world

Het Gelders Huis was looking for a see-through indoor window covering solution that emphasizes the natural daylight and meets strict BREEAM requirements concerning light, space and material.

Screen Naturals turned out to be the perfect solution. This transparent screen with a 3% openness factor filters the light in a natural way and preserves the indoor air quality. On the inside, Screen Naturals is colored dark. This creates a contrast with the outside world, which results in maximum view-through from inside the building.

The metalized backing of Screen Naturals blocks the incoming diffused light. This results in optimal visual comfort inside the building, which leads to higher human productivity. The special metalized backing also stimulates the energy-efficiency of the building because it helps to keep the heat outside the building.

Absolute Roller 2.0: designed to fit all windows

With characteristic, small windows in the renovated part of the building and large windows in the new-constructed part, the indoor window covering solution for Het Gelders Huis had to fit windows of very different dimensions. Our modular roller blind concept Absolute Roller 2.0 is designed to fit all windows, creating an ambiguous look throughout the building.

Square cassette roller blinds in various dimensions were applied in Het Gelders Huis. The roller blinds are operated manually with plastic chains for a smooth and silent operation, reducing ambient noise and distraction inside the building in favor of human productivity.

Award winning project

In 2018, Het Gelders Huis was awarded ‘Best Building of the Year’ by BNA, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects in the category ‘stimulating environments’.

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