Serge Ferrari is adding a new family member to its famous and recognized canvas line - Veozip fabric.

Soltis Veozip is the ideal choice for enjoying the view, as one of the properties of the canvas is unparalleled transparency. The matte color and natural texture of the weave will beautifully connect the warm and elegant design of the terrace, facade, or pergola.

As a zip window roller, Soltis Veozip allows you to make the most of natural light, while at the same time obtaining optimal thermal insulation properties with this canvas. Veozip canvases are included in the offer of energy-saving fabrics because by using them you can save on heating or cooling the premises.

The hemp-based fabric gives canvases a natural and ecological look, which will make your house connected to nature and contribute to the well-being of nature. The canvas can also be recycled as it has been awarded the Greenguard certificate.

If you add a zip roll with Soltis Veozip canvas to your pergola or terrace, only this will create a cocoon, as it retains the wind well, prevents light glare and allows uninterrupted work outside, filters up to 95% of UV rays and creates a pleasant shade in which you will enjoy fun times, protected from wind and heat, but at the same time remaining in their external environment


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