The next generation of roller blinds


The next generation of roller blinds

Safety always comes first. It hardly bears thinking about what can happen when small children play with the cords on the heavier varieties of window coverings. Tragic incidents have led to increasingly strict regulations with regard to child safety. Cordless window coverings are becoming ever more popular. Recently updated safety standards demand smart solutions. With decades of experience in designing high-end window coverings, Coulisse translated the new requirements into product lines that reach new levels of safety, beauty and functionality.


The modular technology puts you in complete control. Bas: “You can mix and match design elements to create your own ideal solution. You can say goodbye to mediocre design and complicated operation, and hello to great looks and convenience.”

The award-winning twin pull design is a smart evolution of the traditional chain mechanism. By using two separate, retractable chains or wands rather than a single loop, twin pull takes a fresh and child-safe approach to roller blinds.

Cordless is for lovers of minimalism. Besides being user-friendly and easy to install, it’s obviously cordless and even goes without a mounting profile. The secret is in the smart installation lock that keeps the blind perfectly tensioned at all times.

Single pull uses the best of both designs. This new solution and is ideal for large windows with out-of-reach roller blinds. The dual options of bottom bar and single retractable chain always ensure smooth operation.


Alexa and Google Assistant have become household names. They allow you to customize a range of home functionality with voice control options and smartphone applications, and even include remote control from another location. Why not extend that ultimate sense of control to your window coverings? Imagine operating the roller blinds in your home from anywhere you like. With a single touch, you can save energy, create privacy and make your home a safer place.

MOTION is Coulisse’s groundbreaking motorization technology. Bas: “It’s a revolution that brings automation within everyone’s reach. Each blind has an integrated USB-rechargeable battery and pull mechanism. It can be operated by hand, with remote control, through voice commands, the MOTION Blinds app, or Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Automating blinds has never been this easy.”



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