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At Coulisse, we believe in the origin of nature. As nature has created designs that are perfectly suited to their purpose, we create designs that optimally suit their intended function. The cellular structure bees use to store their honey in, is all about efficiency and stability and is the source of inspiration for our honeycomb fabrics. Next to being inspired by nature’s deep-rooted designs, we believe staying connected to nature is the key to well-being, comfort and ustainability. Now more than ever, we want to be thoughtful about what we add to this changing world. We can strengthen our appeal by taking responsibility for our ecological footprint.


Living in this fast and digital world, in which we spend more and more time indoors, it is increasingly important to make these indoor spaces comfortable. To create spaces with a pleasant climate, that contribute to well-being and productivity. Our honeycomb collection is a total solution which consists of fabrics, systems and automation. The concept offers an ideal solution for creating indoor spaces with optimal thermal and acoustic comfort, without losing the tactile feeling that we need to feel at home.


At Coulisse, we make conscious choices at every level. From product design to manufacturing and shipping, we aim at responsibly creating meaningful solutions for today and tomorrow. Mindful of our ecological footprint, our products are designed to stand the test of time. All to maintain our greatest source of inspiration: the beauty of nature. Be inspired.

R+T 2018

Our collections are inspired by fashion, art and nature. To underline our design approach, Coulisse asked fashion photographer Jasper Abels (1987) to create his interpretation of our new collections and innovations for 2018 which were presented during R+T 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. Be inspired.


Finding time to nourish and recharge yourself isn’t a luxury nowadays. Life by its very nature can be stressful, especially in the hectic, frenetic pace of modern life. Coulisse responds to this changing way of life, in helping to create a relaxing environment at home and in the public space. The collections highlighted in this journal are meant as a source of inspiration. The textile fabrics and the wide range of soft and white tones in our collection, contribute to the feeling of harmony, balance and innocence, elements which we are increasingly looking for. Be inspired.


For the photography in this journal we visited old and new places, met inspiring people with different backgrounds and fell in love with amazed objects. Together they form an intriguing mix in which each element is telling its own unique story, and together telling a new. We sought long and hard to find the locations for the visual journey you are about to embark on, and found them in beautiful Italy.


For the introduction of our new contract collection during R+T2015 in Stuttgart, we wanted to do a photo-shoot on an iconic architectural location, a place that resonates with architects, designers and interior design lovers. The Barcelona Pavilion is such a place. This masterpiece by Mies van der Rohe demonstrates the power of simplicity, which is exactly what we wanted to express in our new collection. Be inspired.


In this journal we pursue to capture meaningful and authentic experiences. A spring issue that teaches us to start fresh and use the past, rediscover the future and revive the value in tradition. Be inspired.


We are proud to present you with this first edition of the Coulisse Journal and hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. In this journal we try to capture and tune into the sentiments of the world as we see it today. We take it as an inspiration for our thinking, our work and our creations. Our now revolves around purity. Be inspired.


We are proud to present you with the first Coulisse window coverings journal for the retail market. In this journal, we will share with you the vision behind the development of our product longtail, which was designed to enable our customers to create the ultimate offering for their markets. Apart from standard to made-to-measure products, it includes unique window covering retail concepts, including a dropshipment collection. We also give you an insight in our trend- and data-driven approach, supply chain and marketing services and why we believe they are crucial to a better performance in window coverings for our customers, both on and offline.


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