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The world is changing, and modern design requires modern solutions. Today, environmental awareness and sustainability are more than just a trend, but a mindset that also extends to the design of apartments and buildings. People are increasingly moving towards ethical production, using sustainable materials to create "zero-energy" architecture.

Honeycell fabrics are an excellent solution for temperature regulation throughout the year. Due to its honeycomb structure, Honeycell fabrics achieve excellent insulating properties. The cellular structure acts as a blanket with air pockets in front of the window, helping to save energy throughout the year.

In summer, heat produced from solar energy can cause uncomfortably high temperatures indoors. The honeycomb structure helps to reflect the sun's rays and keep as much heat as possible outside.

In winter, fabrics help control the sun's heat by keeping it inside. These insulating properties reduce energy consumption, and heating costs and create a pleasant indoor climate.

Thanks to the cellular shape of the fabric, the operating cords needed to raise and lower the shades can not pass visibly through the cells.

The level of privacy provided by Honeycell shades is determined by the transparency of the fabrics. This tells us to what extent people can see through the fabric both from the inside and from the outside. The fabrics are available in four different transparencies: transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, and black-out.

Honeycell fabrics are certified and proven to absorb noise and noticeably dampen it. The air trapped in the cells of the fabric muffles external noise, so the fabrics help to improve the sound quality and create a peaceful atmosphere. By choosing Honeycell fabrics you will benefit from reduced noise, better light control, and increased insulation all year round.

The Honeycell collection includes one-color and two-color fabrics:

Plain fabrics have the same color on the front and back. They are ideal for blending or highlighting the shades with the architecture of the building on the outside.

Two-tone fabrics have a white or cream backing, which creates a uniform appearance on the outside of the building while increasing the degree of light and heat reflection.

After many tests, it has been proven that Honeycell fabrics contribute to a 46% reduction in heat loss during the winter idle time, up to a 78% reduction in heat absorption in the summer, and up to 12% energy savings throughout the year.


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