Ideal solutions for working from home


The home has never played a more important role in our lives. It is a place where we wake up, relax and recharge. Where we have fun, where we feel comfortable. For many, the home takes on a new dimension: the "home office". Since we are not so used to working from home and therefore our homes are not very well equipped for it, we are facing a new challenge. How can we create an ideal space for working from home?

It seems obvious that bright rooms provide more energy. However, too much light can have the opposite effect. The computer screen becomes difficult to read; you squint to see what's on it. Not to mention the sunlight shining right into your eyes. This causes a loss of concentration and energy, leaving you feeling tired after a day at home.

The solution? The perfect selection of eyeshadows. Fabrics from the CONTRACT collection, widely used in commercial buildings around the world, are designed for optimal visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort. They reflect the incoming light, but at the same time provide enough natural daylight and a good view outside, so that we are connected to the world outside. This increases our creativity, productivity, concentration, memory, and general well-being. These more functional fabrics are ideal for home office use.

Like the intensity of light, temperature also has a strong effect on our physical and mental state. Since windows are a big factor in heat gain and loss, shades can help us keep the cold or heat out. Imagine how shades affect the temperature in enclosed, glazed spaces or in attics that have now been converted into home offices. The pleasant climate at your workplace can make or break your day.

And then there's the energy bill. The more we live and work at home, the more energy we use at home. Preferences vary between world regions and seasons: in the warmer months, we want to keep the heat out, while in the colder months, we want to keep it in. Our fabrics work extremely well on both sides of the energy-saving spectrum: they save on cooling or heating costs either way.

In addition to these functional properties, we all want shades to be an expression of taste and style. We want to stay inspired by our surroundings, especially when working at home, to increase our creativity and stimulate our imagination. The CONTRACT collection seamlessly combines beauty and functionality and offers a stylish solution for any interior.

With MotionBlinds, the blinds automation concept, they become part of your smart home. This provides even more comfort and energy savings, as motorized window coverings automatically react to light, temperature, and other conditions. Your smart home office with connected blinds automatically adapts to your personal preferences and allows you to fully focus on your work.


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