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In January 2022, at the world-famous CES technology fair, Coulisse announced the launch of new Eve MotionBlinds roller blind motors. The motors, which are being developed in collaboration with Eve Systems, have received a great deal of attention from world-renowned technology influencers, including the "Best of CES" award from leading technology blogs How-To-Geek and iMore.


Where Eve MotionBlinds differ most from others, is their simplicity. Motorized blinds have not reached their potential so far, as some solutions were complex and expensive, and they were also difficult to implement with smart home systems. Eve MotionBlinds change all that. Any layman can set up the motor by simply scanning the QR code and then managing it via an app, as well as easily connecting to other elements of smart homes such as smart lights, smart thermostats, and cameras. The response from the masses and the technology world confirms that Eve MotionBlinds motors are pushing the boundaries of shading technology and leading the way for others to make smart blinds simple and adopted by the masses.


The new motors are the first on the market to work with Thread protocol, designed for smart home solutions. With this protocol, your information and commands are no longer coming from your phone, but are directly on the network. As a result, operations run faster, and devices constantly communicate with each other. Also, the data on the shade settings is no longer stored in the cloud, but locally on the motor. Eve MotionBlinds are thus ready for the future, as they will support Matter, the upcoming standard of smart homes, developed by tech giants, including Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. Thus, Matter supports not only Apple HomeKit but also Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.


Eve MotionBlinds can be described in three words. Easy, Smart, and Safe. These three words represent all the advantages in the novelties offered by the new line of motors. Easy installation in the Apple Homekit app. We simply choose to add a new device and scan one of the included QR codes. The app guides us through a short process and our blinds are ready to use. After registering a new device, you can easily connect to all other smart home devices in the Homekit app. However, because security and privacy are also important to us in the age of advanced technology, data is no longer stored in the cloud, but locally on the motor instead. You can also make your home look alive, even when you are not at home. In the application, set the automation of the roller blinds, and they will move according to the schedule. This way, your home will look inhibited, even when it is empty.


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