Global window coverings specialist

SINCE 1999


Since our establishment in 1999 we have grown into a window coverings specialist. Based on the belief that window coverings are so much more than just a functional product, we are redefining our market, to lift window coverings to a higher level and to put our partners ahead of the curve. From a unique design approach, we are developing advanced collections, innovative systems and smart technology.


The story of the company Interlux began in 1999 near the center of Ljubljana, where two young and motivated entrepreneurs Gašper and Aleksander started the wholesale of window coverings. They were the only ones to provide this service in Slovenia. The year 2001 is crucial for Interlux, as it enters into a partnership with Coulisse, a leader in the world of interior decorative blinds. As the business went well, in 2002 Interlux expanded to Croatia, where it opened a subsidiary Solelux in Zagreb.

Over the years, the company has gained the trust of new customers, while maintaining the trust of existing ones. In addition to the exclusive partnership with Coulisse, with whom Interlux created the total shading concept, the company also acquires exclusivity for Serge Ferrari, Geiger and NYX. Motivated and eager for new challenges, under the name Coulisse, Interlux present themselves at the Dom fair in Ljubljana and Ambienta fair in Zagreb, where they quickly attract and impress the audience with their unique and outstanding exhibition space.

In a changing world, Interlux wants to be more thoughtful about its offering. Therefore, the emphasis will be on less and better, but with an eternal sense of beauty. Technology, automation and digitization are the key words and goals for Interlux, both in terms of products and processes. The concept of MOTION automation is exactly what will allow us to do this.


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