It is a time to rethink and recreate what is important to us. Now more than ever, there is a growing sense of change and renewal. People everywhere are reflecting on what has been, what is now, and what could be in the future. It’s like a fresh breeze and a new starting point, that inspired us in our design approach. Welcome to a new era.


At Coulisse, we feel like we have embarked on a journey and we see every reason in the world for a return to elementary values and design principles. We see it as a way to create living spaces that suit human nature and fulfil the desire for renewal. The right mindset and a fresh approach to minimalism brings exceptional value to our lives. Our design philosophy aims to do that. In a changing world, we want to be more thoughtful about what we add to it. Coulisse can strengthen its appeal by taking responsibility for its ecological footprint. Therefore, our focus will be on less and better, yet with an everlasting sense of beauty.


At the dawn of a new age, we proudly present our new visual identity: deep-rooted, clear and, as always, with a timeless touch. If clarity and calmness feel like today’s greatest luxuries, it’s because they bring us back to the essence of our existence. When you think about it, back to basics is a big step forward. It feels enlightened and can be defined by simple values like beauty and functionality.


A new sense of opulence arises. Moving away from an age of high speed and many distractions, we can start with a blank canvas. Following our intuition, we have developed Living Beauty as a concept that finds its origin in our belief that Mother Nature is the ultimate source of inspiration. Living beauty is telling us to be kind for the earth, inspired by the elements and design for recycling. Our well thought-out textile collection, downsized but comprehensive, centers around sustainable and tactile materials. We choose materials that can stand the test of time, rather than fast-fashion. All of our sustainable products will be marked by our new Eco logos.


Things are changing quite rapidly for industries and companies. Today’s customer journey typically involves a significant first phase of online research before any decision is made. People are more curious, impatient, demanding and better informed than ever before. Recognizing the shift to online and the need for digital assistance, we have launched our new website full of inspiration. A customer portal is currently in the making. It will be a gateway to all the knowledge and information our partners may need to excel in window coverings. To ensure maximum visibility and a strong online presence, we put our efforts on multiple channels. Follow us and be inspired.


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